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free-270x300As a way of saying Thank You for being a loyal customer and partner, we’ve put together Free Articles that you can use to promote any way you’d like.

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  • Make them a blog post– you can use this content as your own, edit it and put it up as a blog post to help generate traffic for your blog.
  • Use it as a Facebook Note – Fb notes are a great way to generate more leads.  I’d highly suggest putting your website at the bottom, and direct any traffic created from the note back to a website where you’re able to capture the information of those leads visiting your site.
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  • Post it in a forum – Forum marketing is a great way to generate new leads. Using sites like Warrior Forum, and other industry related forum sites are ideal when looking for fresh faces to add to your list.  By posting these articles as a post in a forum, you can create a lot of buzz, encourage feedback from those that are interested in your niche, and position yourself as an expert.  Be sure to put your website at the bottom of the thread (post), so that you can drive traffic back to a lead capture site, so you can begin connecting with all new leads on your list. 

Free Articles:

  • How To Create Killer Content Without Doing Any Work – This article will help display how to properly put content together that will allow you to generate leads from those that are looking for what it is that your business or service has to offer.  It also promotes the affiliate link of the MLM PLR Store site.
  • The Truth About Marketing Online As A Network Marketer – As much as people would like to hype up the millions of dollars to be made online and the easy and lazy ways to do it, there are just some pink elephants that must be addressed to expose the truth.  In this article, we will expose the challenges “behind the scenes” of the Marketing Online world, while providing readers with a easy solution to overcome them!
  • The Truth About Internet Marketing & Succeeding Online  – Internet Marketing is a difficult field to master. Learn how to position yourself as part of the 3% who are successful online.
  • 2 Internet Marketing Strategies that Every Internet Marketer Should Be Using – If you’ve been struggling with making a name for yourself and you can’t quite figure out what you’re doing wrong, today I’m going to share 2 powerful strategies that very few people ever talk about, so you can make your mark in the industry while making tons of money too!
  • Google Marketing Checklist– Google is the most trafficked site on the planet….and if you are able to position yourself on the front page (i.e. top 10 search result spots) you can drive tons of traffic to your blog, websites and capture pages. In this Free Checklist, I will share with you 7 Key strategies that you’ll want to begin implementing TODAY to get your website to the top of the Search Engines so you can start Cashing In on Google! Check out the rest of our CheckLists here!
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